My first sweater.... continued

My sweater is coming along quite well, I'm very happy to say! I think it'll actually look like a real sweater! I've done the back part and the two sleeves:

Knitting this sweater was also recently made even more fun and special; my dear hubby surprised me with a beautiful set of rosewood interchangeable needles! They are so fantastic! It includes needles from size 4-11, with cables in 16", 24", and 32" lengths. It also includes adapters to combine for longer lengths, along with stoppers for the ends. Right now I'm knitting using the size 10s made into straight flexi-needles, which I'm enjoying much more than the aluminum needles I was using before. I found them rather slippery to knit with.

I've started a little bit of the front left panel now, which follows a more intricate pattern and includes beads. Here's a little preview:



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