My Bionic Hands

At last, the final part of my Winter 2013 accessories is finished, hopefully with plenty of time left in the season to wear them all! This was my first time knitting full gloves, rather than just little fingerless mitts. Not too hard, really. This pattern is also from Knit Picks, and it's called In Touch Gloves. They've got a circuit board motif in pink (hence my name, Bionic Hand Gloves), and if you look closely on the tip of the thumb and forefinger there is a bit of electro-contuctive thread sewn in, which allows you to keep your gloves on when using a touch screen for a smartphone or something. And it works! Huzzah! I finally have the sort-of bionic hands I've wanted ever since I watched The Terminator and T2 (not to mention Star Trek TNG) oh-so-many years ago, forever associating android with awesome. 

Candy Skull Cap

I was worried that this winter might be too short or mild for me to make some new accessories, but boy, was I wrong! This weekend we were visited by winter storm Nemo, also known as Snowpocalypse 2013! All roads in Connecticut were closed, and with good reason! You can't go very far in 2 ft of snow. Luckily I just finished knitting a fun new toque, the Candy Skull Cap. I used the same yarns I used in the previous brioche scarf. Now I'm just about ready for anything!

The aftermath of Snowpocalypse 2013!


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