A Brief Hiatus (gasp!) from Knitting

I took a little break from knitting over the summer. I knew what I wanted my next projects to be, it just took me a while to decide on the yarn I wanted. In the meantime, I've been neglecting the debut of my most recent top, mostly because it's just been pretty hot out and I wanted to actually be able to wear the thing in comfort!  Luckily, I've been keeping myself busy enough with other fun things like riding my bike, birding, drawing and reading. (As an aside if you're keen to know what kinds of birds I've seen so far this summer, look up at the top of this site and you'll see a link to a page of my list!) I even have a hint of color on my arms now that most people would not even accidentally call a tan, but I'll take it! Without anymore chitchat, here's the debut of the Paloma cap-sleeve top from French Girl Knits, by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. It is knit in Cascade Ultra-Pima Fine in Zen Green.

Now that I've got yarn for my next two projects, I'm back at it again! Here's a preview of what I'm starting:

I love the quirky zigzag on these mitts, horizontal on one glove, vertical on the other. The blue yarn, as usual, isn't coming up in the photo in quite the true shade... it is more teal-green in real life. Oh well. I've started the first one and I'm loving it!

I also mentioned both birding and drawing, so here are a few bird sketches I've done recently, just for fun:


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