Patchwork Pillows

I never thought I'd have any interest in quilting. Technically, of course, this is not quilting. It's just the patchwork sewing that comes before quilting. My mom recently took up quilting again, and when I saw the bold colors and modern graphic design of the quilt blocks she was making, it really made me think again about something I'd never really considered as being "for me". She referred me to Craftsy's free series: Craftsy Block of the Month 2012, a set of free instructional videos and patterns for making a whole set of different quilt blocks. I really liked the first two (January's blocks) and decided to make them into new pillows for my couch. Actually, they're pillow covers to go over pillow form from JoAnn Fabric. I made them easily removable for washing. I'm really interested in doing more patchwork projects in the future. I love sewing, and I love the idea of fabric as an artistic medium. We'll see where this takes me!

The finished products. I love gray and yellow! As usual, the yellow is a bit brighter looking in real life.

Asterisk block
Wonky pound sign block
Casper keeps me company


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