A Great Picture-Board Website

I recently came across this great website where you can save all of those great images you come across online. It's like an online art board. Group things however you want , write notes about them, and "pin" them to your board. It's called pinterest.com, and it's really easy to use. You can even "follow" other users (like Twitter) and see what they're pinning, and you can pin anything you like from anyone's board to your own board. It's great for artists, designers, crafters, and basically anyone even slightly inclined to any visual aesthetics. I used to just save images to a file folder on my computer, but this is way more fun! You never know where you'll find inspiration for your next project! They even have a "Pin It" bookmarklet to let you quickly and easily pin things you come across to your board. For the super-organized, create custom boards, like "All Things Plaid" or "Scandinavian Needlework"... whatever your interest.


This was a rather impromptu project, born of the fact that I was running around doing laundry and wanted to listen to my iPod, but didn't have any pockets in my sweatpants, and I needed free hands. I found some scraps of denim from the skirt I made last summer and made this sash belt/fanny-pack/iPod holder. Kind of a cute hip-slung sort of thing, since I didn't want it to resemble a body-builder's back brace. Hence the FannyPod was born. I promise I'll try to come up with a better name. It'll be good for the gym too, which is where I'm off to next.

I knew those plastic rings would come in handy someday!

Added a button just to make sure the iPod doesn't fall out while in use

Finally, the Finished Shrug

OK, so the shrug has been finished over a week now, but I was just too lazy to take a picture of myself in it! Enough is enough... here it is (of course Casper found his way into this picture too!)


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