Yoga Mat Carrier

This is the third incarnation of this particular project. The first time, I had just learned how to knit, so I improvised a sort of net-like bag with a strap. That, however, was way too stretchy, and as my skills progressed, it just looked far too amateurish for my tastes. So I pulled it all apart, and tried a crocheted thing. I liked the model I came up with, also improvised, but it was actually a bit too big because I used the wrong mat to model it around (duh). I left it like that for a while, but it just wasn't really working for me. It would slide off. Yesterday I took it apart yet again, and remade it. The same, yet just slightly smaller.

Here it is. It's just done in cheap-o Red Heart brand Super Saver yarn, which is just fine for this. Plus, the colors are fun. The yoga mat fits into the bottom cup thingy, and it's fastened at the top with velcro. You can sling it over your shoulder with the vertical strap. I'm finally happy with it.


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