Drip.... drip.... drip....

It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a maintenance-free home! Luckily, because we live in an apartment, maintenance issues are taken care of for us. The latest? Check out the new gaping hole in our ceiling!

The air conditioning pipes up in the ceiling had been dripping through our ceiling, so yesterday they cut out a chunk of the ceiling so they can fix it. The plastic thingy you see is temporarily covering the hole until they come back with the parts they'll need to finish the job. It's got a little hole through which the water continues to drip (down into a pail on the floor).

On the bright side, we also have a new, awesome dishwasher! The old one (and I mean REALLY old) was a disgrace, and didn't work at all. They approved a new dishwasher for us, and ta-da! The very next day we have a brand new, energy-saving, super quiet dishwasher! Yay!


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