Not to brag, but...

Ok, so this is kind of the opposite of bragging. I'd have to be a completely narcissistic nutcase to brag about THIS:

You're probably thinking "A potholder? You're posting about making a potholder? Well woop-dee-doo!" I know, I know, a masterpiece it's not. However, it's the first thing I've crocheted since my freshman year of college, when my friend Julia taught me a basic stitch that I used to make an afghan. I don't even know what stitch it was, either. Yesterday I took a Crochet 101 class at JoAnn, and I learned to chain, single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet, and what I used on my afghan was definitely none of the above. Oh well! The important thing is, that after all of these years, it hasn't fallen apart, and my cats have all loved to make their beds on it. This potholder I made won't be going into my Crafting Hall of Fame, but I'm kind of proud of it because I was able to pick up crochet again pretty quickly and easily. I'm still completely partial to knitting, but now at least I have try something different when I want to! I also adore amigurumi, those cute little Japanese crocheted (or sometimes knitted) stuffed animals: 

I'd love to try some sometime!


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