Garden Planning

Yesterday Hubby and I stopped at our local Home Depot and picked up a few planters to get our garden started. We got chives, parsley, zucchini squash (which we'll return... it'll just end up taking up way to much room in our little plot), Tabasco peppers, sweet basil, oregano, cilantro seeds, and a marigold to help keep away some bugs. I found a neat website called that helps you create a garden plan and track your garden activities (planting, harvesting, etc.) and it offers a 45 day free trial, with no need to provide any credit card info that you'd have to cancel after the 45 days... you decide at the end whether you want to subscribe or not. If you don't, you can still see the garden you created, you just can't make changes. Here is the garden plan I've created:

Planting starts this evening! :-)


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