My first sweater... the beginning

I'm so excited to finally be working on my first sweater, which I mentioned in my Yarn Sale INSANITY post. When you knit a sweater, you work it in separate pieces and then stitch them together. I'm starting on the back, and I'm really pleased with how it's going. The soft Peruvian cotton blend yarn I'm using feels so nice, and the fabric it's making has a really nice drape to it. It's the first time I bought yarn that was in hanks, rather than center-pull skeins, so I have to wind them into balls I've been updating my progress on it on my favorite Knit/Crochet website, Ravelry. It's a wonderful site that lets you track all of your projects, share them with friends, find great user-rated patterns, discuss anything under the sun in forums, and just enjoy a great community of yarn crafters! Here's a screenshot of my project page for this cardi/shrug I'm making:

Want to investigate further? GO AHEAD! Are you a Ravelry member? Add me as a friend! I'm TheHomeEconomist. :-)


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