Today Hubby and I trekked up to Northampton to visit the WEBS Annual Tent Sale and Fleece Market, hoping to get a good deal on some yarn, and maybe a set of needles. Friends, JoAnn and Michael's had not prepared me for the Mecca that is WEBS! Aisle after aisle of every texture and weight and color combination you could think of! I found everything from local organic, undyed wool to jewel-toned hanks of pure silk with beads and sequins woven in ($60 per hank, too!). As if the tents outside with deals on bulk buys and the store itself weren't enough, a whole warehouse in back waited with deals galore! The only thing more overwhelming than the overstock of variety was the huge crowd that came with the same idea I did. My dear saint of a hubby waited patiently with his crosswords and sudoku in a line that snaked around the store and moved at a dying snail's pace. (MAJOR THUMBS UP FOR HUBBY!) One woman said "And they say knitting is a dying art! HA!"

I kept my head though, even though I would have loved to push my cart up and down each aisle, merrily tossing in anything that should strike my fancy. I bought Berroco Weekend in Plum to make this adorable short sleeved shrug/cardigan.  It's a lovely, soft cotton blend that will feel cozy and look cute over a tank top.


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