My first scarf

I am proud to announce I just finished knitting my very first scarf! I first learned how to knit in December at a class at JoAnn, and I have just fallen in love with it! That's no surprise, since I usually love anything that is creative and crafty, especially if there is a potential to make something that is both beautiful and useful. I've since taken two more knitting classes at JoAnn, a lace knitting class and an intro to knitting in the round (more on that later... I know you can't wait!). I didn't want my first scarf to just be foot after foot of plain stockinette or garter stitch, so I tried something a bit more ambitious and applied my new lace knitting skills to make a pretty warmer-weather scarf. It took a while, but I think the effort was worth it. I used Naturally Caron Spa yarn in Coral, which is a nice bamboo blend. The best part? The yarn was free! A couple of months ago they were having a giveaway.

I made it in two halves, and then grafted it together in the middle. It gives it a nice, symmetrical look.

UPDATE: I tried to find the original place where I first found the pdf for this pattern, but couldn't, so I uploaded the pdf HERE! Take it, and make it!


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