Happy Belated Earth Day!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was out all day, so better late than never! Appropriately for Earth Day, we had an "energy audit" of our apartment, provided by our energy company for free. They measured the air flow in our place, caulked up the windows a bit more, replaced our light bulbs with CFLs, put aerators on the faucets, and gave us a free Kill-A-Watt so we could measure how much electricity our various appliances use. I recommend getting/borrowing one! When you know how much energy your stuff uses, you can make smarter choices. You might choose to upgrade some appliances to more efficient Energy Star rated ones, or perhaps just unplug some things when not in use. Knowledge is power!

Now for some fun Earth Day projects! I am thinking about trying this with my many company swag tshirts: slice them up into thin strips and knit something fun! I got the idea from Knitting Daily's website, which is a great place to get advice, ideas, patterns, and inspiration. I love the idea of re-purposing something old to make something new.


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