IKEA 2.0

I wanted to share a website that I have found inspiring: IKEA Hacker. I love how IKEA has such a vast array of great home products, and everything from pots and pans to sofa-beds can be found for a very affordable price. IKEA Hacker shares how individuals have taken their bureaus-in-boxes and put them together in very outside-of-the-box ways. IKEA's offerings are affordable enough, so you don't really have to worry as much about ruining your furniture if something doesn't turn out quite how you'd hope. Don't be afraid to take something and really make it your own! I have a couple of IKEA hacks of my own:

My Sewing Table

This table was left in the open common area of my apartment building, free for anyone to take. The legs were wobbly and the top had obviously been drawn on by a child. A few coats of paint (a primer underneath, Green Apple latex paint on top, and a clear topcoat) and tightening of a few screws, and I had an attractive (and free!) new sewing table!

It was nice on its own, but the boring drawer pulls it came with were easily upgraded with something much more modern and attractive. I did the same thing on my Hemnes nightstands

Get hacking!


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