Design your own fabric?!

In between Kathie Lee poking fun at Hoda over a.m. libations, and Hoda rolling her eyes back so often I fear they'll get stuck, occasionally on the Today Show I actually find something really interesting. Today, it's this: a website called that lets you design and order your own custom fabric! There are six fabrics ranging from Quilting Weight to Upholstery Weight Twill, and you can order something as small as an 8"x6" test swatch. Just imagine the possibilities! Make a quilt with squares featuring family members faces, or a skirt with a design you painted yourself. Upholster an ottoman with pictures of your cat (I don't actually recommend this). Here's a sample fabric block with Casper when he was a skinny kitten:

Maybe I won't be ordering this particular swatch, but I'll be keeping the website in mind for times when I want to make something truly personal.


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