Take a Creativity Break

One of my favorite computer applications as a kid was the old staple, Microsoft Paint. It's still around, but I imagine it doesn't get used much these days. When Kid Pix came out, I was instantly hooked. Like Paint, the point was to make pictures, this time with all kinds of fun effects like stamps and sounds and animation thrown in. What fun it was to get lost in colors, creating patterns, drawing worlds, and expressing our natural creativity, all without the mess! Fast forward many years, and all of this fun came back to me when I stumbled upon a really fun site called bomomo.com. It's all random, colorful, interesting effects that you have only partial control over. Need a really quick creativity break? This is your site.

I just whipped this one up in a minute or so, using one of the 20 effects. If you try it out, I used the bouncing circle button, third button from the left, bottom row. You can easily make a picture that's at least as good as your computer's screen savers or abstract wallpapers ;-) Heck, make your own, save them, and use them as your screen savers and wallpapers! Have fun!

Update: Did this one after spending the afternoon cooking. I'm making South Indian food tonight: dosas with masala potato filling, sambar (spicy lentil soup) and coconut chutney. Actually, the colors of this painting are the colors of dinner, hahaha!


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