I'm working on a knitted bookmark to give as a gift. Because it's supposed to be very thin and flat, I'm using knitting thread, not yarn, and size 0 needles, which are pretty much like slightly longer toothpicks. It's a challenge, let me tell you! I'm hoping it'll be worth it! After I finish, I'll block it, starch it, and press it so that it lies nice and flat and is a bit stiff.

The needles I'm using were an amazing find. I needed some smaller double-pointed needles for my upcoming sock knitting class, and a set of bamboo double pointed needles at JoAnn runs you about $8. The problem is, when you're knitting something, not everyone would use the same size needle because people have different knitting tension, so I wouldn't know whether I'd end up needing a size 2 or 3, or what. So, I thought it might be more economical to go online and try to find a set of DPN with multiple sizes that might save me some money. I found some, but not until I tried eBay did I find the best deal of all... a seller was offering a set of 11 different sizes, five 5" needles each, from size 0 to 10 (total of 55 needles!) for... get this... $7.99 (plus $5.99 shipping) for the whole thing! Unreal! They arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with them! Heck, I'll even give a shout-out to this seller, mnft651. Three cheers! :-)


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