Hurricane? What hurricane?

Well, we made it through Hurricane Irene! We actually had almost no bad weather from it... very little rain, and some wind. We did lose power, though. It was out from about 10:30am Sunday until 4:30am Monday (but it did come back on for about 10 minutes Sunday night at around 10pm). Other areas experienced flooding and severe winds and property damage, and many are still without power, and could be for days. My heart goes out to them, and I feel lucky not to have been in harm's way. Pretty weird... a hurricane and an earthquake within one week! And I wouldn't have noticed either, had we not lost power. During the power outage I plugged my iPod into speakers that don't require power and we listened to an audiobook while I worked on my knitting. I even knit by candle light for a while when it got dark! I finished my Morse code sweater, which I'll post pictures of soon, and I started on a new sweater. Here's a sneak peek...

The purple is much more... purple... in real life!


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