Yet ANOTHER Cannibal Sweater

Well, I've done it again, and it wasn't because I tried reading while knitting. I've made the back half of the Morse Tunic several inches too short! Thank goodness I've only knit a few inches of it, but I'll still have to rip out all those stitches to start over and make the longer length. The problem is, when I was casting on my first stitches, I picked the wrong number from the three given. I forgot that the numbers given represented different lengths for the tunic, and not different sizes around, because it's knit from side-to-side and not up-and-down. So now I've got another Cannibal Sweater, and the yarn I rip from the bad one will be knit into the new one. Sigh! :-)

Wish I'd realized sooner... oh well! 


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