Memorial Day Weekend

There are always so many fun parades and festivals going on during Memorial Day Weekend, and this year was no exception! This year I made it to the MA Sheep and Woolcraft Fair and the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton.

The Sheep and Woolcraft Fair had stall after stall of handspun and hand dyed yarns of every kind... all very tempting! There were also copious amounts of roving, or unspun fibers, for the spinners out there (of which I do not count myself). There were, of course, plenty of sheep. They even had good old fashioned sheep-dog competitions (but where was Babe?). My favorite fuzzy friends, though, were the angora rabbits, whose unbelievable fluffy and soft fur is shed for angora yarn. Gosh, they're cute!



Sheepdog Competition
The Paradise City Arts Festival isn't your usual craft fair (there were no dips or olive oils to sample here! boo!) but rather a surprising and large collection of truly fine and creative goods. Here you would see everything from lawn sculptures to handwoven silks to beautiful jewelry. I absolutely loved the jewelry by Ananda Khalsa (and would have bought some if I didn't have a self-imposed spending limit of $20!). I was smitten by Yardbirds, fun animal sculptures in all sizes made from recycled junkyard materials by Richard Kolb (of Louisville, KY!).
Giant Moose


Not sure who created this dog, but I love it!


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