My Sweater-dress... The Finished Product

I'm really happy to say that my sweater-dress is finished! Toward the end I was starting to get really nervous that I might not have enough yarn. But, PHEW! There was enough... just barely! I probably have enough yarn left over to make a matching bookmark :-) 

So first, I lovingly handwash it in lavender scented Eucalan, a great no-rinse detergent for your delicates and handknits. Obviously I chose that particular scent because of the color of the sweater-dress! BOY does that thing absorb water! I think it sucked up about 3 liters worth.

Next, after gently wringing out as much water as I could by rolling it in a towel, I set up my blocking board on top of my dresser and pinned the dress to the proper measurements. If you just let it drape over a drying rack like your other clothes, it could get all stretched out and weird looking. 

So I'm clearly not a model in any way (awkward stance, etc.) but here's the finished product on me!

I wore it for the first time for my little Thanksgiving party :-) 


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