Can't Get Enough?

Are you having trouble waiting days in between my posts? Always wondering just what, exactly I'm doing or thinking about? Well, have I got a solution for YOU! Look over there, to the right.... I've joined Twitter, expressly for the purpose of putting a little twitter box on the side of my blog. This way I can write about things I might want to share, but don't warrant a full blog post. Now, I can hear you say "Well, most of us who read this thing are your friends on Facebook anyway, so why not just do more status updates?" This too, dear reader, is for your benefit. Do you have Facebook friends who seem to be updating you on their every thought throughout the entire day? Do you find this a bit much? Well, I do. I don't want to subject my friends to SO much inanity on their News Feeds. But if it is on my blog, well, then it was your choice to come read it; I'm not forcing it on anybody. But for you addicts... come get your fix! :-) 

(I can feel the collective rolling of many... OK, several, eyes)

Take care!


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