A Trio of Sweaters

It's been quite a while since I last posted, and for good reason! I've been hard at work knitting sweaters since the fall. My plan was to make a sweater for Jeet for Christmas, but then I was commissioned by my dad to knit a sweater for a family friend who had recently had a baby. On the side, I also knit a teensy weensy sweater from a Christmas ornament pattern, just because it was cute.

I ordered the yarn for the big Christmas sweater, and while I waited for it to arrive I knit up a sweet little cardigan for our friend Julie's baby boy Timothy. I bought the pattern here on Ravelry.com and purchased the yarn and buttons at JoAnn Fabric. I made a baby version of a classic men's sweater, complete with little pockets and faux leather buttons. It took less than a week to finish. By then, the yarn for the Christmas sweater had arrived, and it was time to get started!

The Christmas sweater, a colorful, cabled zip-up cardigan, had a few challenges. From having to rip and re-knit several sections, to having to do minor surgery to take apart and then graft back together a piece that was accidentally too long in the middle, to having to special order a zipper long enough because the length recommended in the pattern was too short... Well let's just say I'm really glad it is finally finished! :-) Phew!

And now, a much deserved break from knitting sweaters. My next few projects are small, quick winter accessories. I need some near-instant gratification now! Oh, and that tiny sweater? Maybe a gift card can fit in it someday? I'll just file it away under "cute but not very useful".
The tiny sweater, next to a quarter to show scale
The baby cardigan
The Christmas Sweater


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