Gypsy Skirt Update

Last year the blog New Dress a Day became really popular (I followed it myself) as a young woman challenged herself, a la Julie & Julia, to take a different thrift-store dress every day and transform it into something she'd actually want to wear. The challenge was one year, and her total budget was $365, or one dollar per dress. With humor and wit she blogged these quick and amazing changes and inspired many others to take to their sewing machines.

Today, I present my own dress re-make.

Here's the before, a waaaay too big dress that had some promise with the gypsy skirt:

I cut off the top, removed the side zipper, took in the sides a couple of inches, and cut off the red top-stitching from the tiers of the skirt. A simple drawstring later, and it's a cute white gypsy skirt, perfect for summer!


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