Entrelac Sneak Peek

When I went to WEBS on Saturday for my "Exploring Entrelac" class, I had the intention of buying some nice multicolored yarn to use on an entrelac cowl. I'm making the pattern featured in Rosemary Drysdale's book. I found some amazing discounted yarn in WEBS' warehouse in the back of the store: Noro Silk Garden (in a discontinued color, hence the discount...otherwise it would have cost about twice as much). It's a rustic-looking silk/kid mohair/ lamb's wool blend that gradually changes between several beautiful colors. Here's what a plain knit-up swatch would look like in the color I chose:

My entrelac skills are pretty solid now, and I can knit along merrily without having to refer to the pattern at this point. It looks really amazing knit up with this yarn! Here's a sneak peek at my upcoming cowl...

I have several cardigans that match the colors in this yarn... Yay for an accessory I'll be able to match with lots of things!

I think the way the colors fleck and blend makes it look like a wearable oil painting. :-)


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